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Digital health platforms can combine the power of live chat with the human touch of professional nurses to keep up
A digital health leader’s take on increasing access, elevating patient engagement and improving patient outcomes.  Healthcare was slowly becoming more
What’s the most trusted profession?  Some may say lawyers. Others may say doctors.  Close, but it shouldn't come as a
Board Addition Significantly Expands Digital Healthcare Expertise for Nurse-1-1 BOSTON, April 28, 2022 – Nurse-1-1, the first conversational marketing company
Our online nurse chat tool provides friendly suggestions from trusted sources. With Nurse-1-1, your patients will make better health decisions
Digital health and pharma platforms have the power to unlock better results for their patients. Live chat features have changed
How my daughter’s medical journey sparked the creation of a platform connecting patients to nurses By Michael Sheeley, CEO &
BOSTON, Mar. 29, 2022 – Nurse-1-1, the first conversational marketing company for healthcare, today announced the close of its $2.3
At Nurse-1-1, we aspire to make healthcare more compassionate and accessible by bringing nurses to the front lines of digital
Nurses are considered the most trusted and ethical profession in the U.S. Patients trust the health care advice given by