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Nurse-1-1 Health Center is written by nurses in a straight to the point type of way to provide basic health information. We get a lot of people like you searching online for answers to health concerns or looking for a hotline to ask a nurse a few questions. We can help. We put some info here for you to find while searching through all that other dry, scary medical information online. Stop that. Read our posts, or chat with us. Not medical advice or a replacement for medical care but see what we have to say and hopefully it will stop you from scaring yourself any more than you already have. We can help. 

Concussions in kids
Concussions in kids are a year round issue. We know that concussions in sports are all too common, especially among
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Screen time for toddlers and babies– how much is too much?
According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), screen time usage in children increases from 53 minutes for babies at
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Cold sores vs canker sores
Cold sores and canker sores– what is the difference? Are they contagious?   You wake up with a pain in your
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Did someone say asthma? It’s that time of year.  The fall 🍂 and spring 🌷and winter ❄ can trigger asthma.
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Head lice
The dreaded call– your child has head lice What to do besides panic, when your school nurse calls home and
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Stomach bug
The stomach bug– so catchy you might just get it from reading this article. The dreaded words… the stomach bug.🤢
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