It’s Time to Put Patient Support at the Center of Digital Healthcare

Live chat – built specifically for pharma – can help companies offer better patient education and more efficient escalation.

The next wave of nursing transformation is underway. 

Digital patient support is all about conversations happening right now.

The beauty of healthcare’s digital transformation is that patients can connect with the resources they need in a fraction of the time. Not every health conversation requires a car ride to the doctor’s office or a call back from a health provider. Patients can, in theory, access all the educational and support resources they need from their mobile devices.

Your pharma website likely houses everything required to support your patients. You’ve built up a library of educational and financial resources and employ a team of patient support professionals to help support patients through their therapy. As always, you’re vigilant with any patient-facing offerings to make sure you comply with promotional regulations.

Unfortunately, pharma brands have a difficult time connecting patients to these resources. Pharma companies spend more than $5 billion on patient support programs every year, but only 3% of patients are actually using them, according to Phreesia Life Sciences. Your website is only doing its job if your patients are able to access the help they need – when they need it.    

To achieve even greater patient engagement, your site needs to supplement the educational and support resources you already provide, while helping escalate patients to further help when needed. With more ways to engage patients, you’ll maximize your potential to improve patient adherence and outcomes, as well as increase patient engagement, and ultimately, revenue.

The question becomes: how can you connect patients with the powerful resources you’re already housing on your website while making sure you are following promotional material regulations? Maybe your pharma website needs an extra boost to bring out your greatest potential.

Nurse-1-1, the first fully HIPAA-compliant, conversational marketing live chat for healthcare, is like an espresso shot for pharma websites. Our live chat widget easily embeds into your website or application, allowing patients to securely access our network of trained nurse navigators. Patients can connect with a nurse in 8 seconds or less on average to help them navigate patients to the support services they need. The Nurse-1-1 widget has shown to improve patient adherence by 57%, and meets FDA regulations for promotional material.

A secure, fast and reliable nurse live chat meets patients where they are – and when they are actively looking for support. Nurse-1-1 supplements your existing support services; our nurse navigators will help point your patients to the resources they need while escalating only the patients that require extra guidance to your existing patient support services.

Education + Escalation = Higher Engagement, Adherence and Revenue

Comprehensive patient support is a key way to differentiate your pharma brand. By educating your patients about the services they have available to them, you’re giving them confidence to take control of their healthcare journey. When patients feel like your online resources offer everything they need, you’ll begin to strengthen patient trust. 

Positive patient outcomes matter. Each positive experience increases the likelihood that patients adhere to – and continue adhering to – their treatments.

Provide Education on Existing Patient Support Resources

With our platform, you’ll be offering your patients an additional avenue for friendly navigational recommendations. 

Our nurses help educate, influence and direct your patients to the right resources that already exist. Best of all, the Nurse-1-1 widget is embedded into the patient experience. Our widget can follow patients through their digital journey on your site – no matter which page they navigate to. There’s no need for cold calling because patients are at their moment of highest intent: browsing your website and online resources.

Nurse-1-1 is an additional layer of support, not a substitution for your existing patient support services, a physician or telemedicine. Our nurses don’t provide medical advice, prescribe medications, or order and interpret test results. They’re there to augment the great work your patient support professionals are already doing.

Escalate More Complex Issues to Your Patient Support Services

Oftentimes, a patient’s concerns can be easily addressed in a short live chat with a nurse. But if your existing support services are overwhelmed with patient inquiries, they might not have time to come up for air.

Think of Nurse-1-1 as a “first layer of defense” for your patient support services. Our nurses, who are thoroughly trained in the tone, voice and style of your brand, can handle less urgent patient questions — like letting patients know if a patient support resource is right for them. 

Nurse-1-1 educates and navigates patients through the Hub Services that are offered to them. For example, a chat with one of our nurses can help reduce confusion around the forms and services that are offered to patients, such as co-pay rebate cards, financial assistance forms, doctor-discussion guides, pharmacy prescription forms, and more.

That frees up your existing support staff to focus their time on more essential matters like patient training, prior authorization processing, medication distribution channels, follow-up and home care.

Robust patient support means giving every patient the chance to live chat with a real, human nurse that can offer empathy and an understanding that only nurses can offer. However, when the time of your pharma brand’s expertly-trained patient support team is a limited resource, it’s important to prioritize patient inquiries in an efficient manner.

Supplement Your Site With a HIPAA-Compliant Live Chat

Delivering the best patient support involves making your patients feel safe and secure as they use your online resources. 

Nurse-1-1 is different than other live chat apps; we’re built specifically for digital health and pharma companies. Our live chat widget is fully HIPAA-compliant, including end-to-end encryption to ensure all personal health information (PHI) is secure. Your team won’t have to configure any settings on your own to achieve this added layer of assurance and security. Additionally, our live chat widget incorporates regulatory requirements, including medication guides, Boxed warnings and other needed disclaimers. 

In addition to data privacy, we take very seriously the process of onboarding and training nurses for each new client. To provide the best patient support, we know that each Nurse-1-1 nurse has to understand your brand, its products and how you want to communicate with patients.

Nurse-1-1: Conversational Marketing for Patient Support

Providing robust digital patient support is a great way to differentiate your pharma brand, drive patient engagement and improve patient adherence. 

Great support comes from connecting your patients with the expansive resources you’re already providing in your online resources. Leveling up requires adding extra layers of access and guidance, and Nurse-1-1 is custom-built to help you do just that. Offering more robust support increases your potential for greater patient engagement and adherence and better outcomes and – ultimately – a more successful product in the market. 

Want to supplement your online resources with additional support? Nurse-1-1’s live chat widget can connect patients to a network of trained nurse navigators. The average time to connect is 8 seconds, and our widget can increase adherence by 57%.

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