Highlighting Our Heroes: Catherine & Nicole

Spotlighting two of our amazing Nurse-1-1 nurses on the front lines of digital healthcare, providing empathy and trust for patients.

Picture this: a patient is logged onto your digital health or online pharma website. 

They’re looking to get their questions answered: What’s the best way to take my new medication? Should I book an appointment with my doctor or look for an over-the-counter solution? Is this medical device or at-home test right for me?

To provide the best patient experience, you want to offer a source of expertise and empathy right on your platform – so patients can instantly access help and guidance when they’re already thinking about their care. 

Nurse-1-1 offers just the thing: a HIPAA-compliant live chat widget with real-life nurses that’s easy to embed in your digital health and online pharma website.

Early adoption has shown a 57% increase in patient adherence after implementing the Nurse-1-1 widget. 

Want to know our secret? Easy: our network of nearly 3,000 NPs, RNs, PAs, and MDs provide trusted guidance for your patients.

Our nurses deserve all the credit, which is why we’re spotlighting two of our star nurses: Catherine and Nicole. Catherine and Nicole have helped dozens of patients through Nurse-1-1 live chats.

Let’s learn more about each of these empathetic and expert healthcare heroes: 

Catherine Collier, Nurse Practitioner, DNP, AGACNP-BC, RN, CCRN

What is your current role in the nursing world? 

I am an adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioner with my doctorate in nursing. I specialize in pulmonary/critical care and work full-time in this role. 

What does a typical “shift” or “workday” with Nurse-1-1 look like?

Nurse 1-1 is flexible and pops up on my phone when a patient is ready for care. Each call is relatively quick, so I’m able to complete them during my downtime. 

What have you done with the extra time/flexibility you’ve experienced via working with Nurse-1-1? 

I am a mom of three and enjoy a little extra pocket money. But honestly, I enjoy Nurse-1-1 because it is a fun challenge to provide high-level support on a variety of topics. I love to figure out the broad differential and then make recommendations regarding follow-ups.  

What’s the most positive experience you’ve had working with Nurse-1-1?

I have seen a large uptick in women’s issues over the last several weeks, and am really proud to help women navigate sensitive issues that they don’t necessarily feel safe to discuss in certain parts of the USA right now. 

What do you think is the future of nursing? How does Nurse-1-1 play a role in this?

I can definitely say that online nursing that is accessible to patients at the time that they need it MUST be the future. 

The primary care, urgent care and emergency departments are often overwhelmed – and if we can help to lighten that burden, answer questions, or guide someone to their primary care physician (PCP) or 9-1-1, we have the potential to save lives, increase healthcare efficiency and reduce unneeded costs of care.

Nicole, Family Nurse Practitioner, MSN

What is your background/experience/qualifications?

I was an ER nurse in a Level One trauma center for 8 years before becoming a family nurse practitioner. I’ve since worked in a variety of settings including urgent care, primary care, weight loss, occupational health, health risk assessment and eventually telemedicine. 

How frequently are you working with Nurse-1-1?

I am very pro re nata (PRN) now, so on an average of once or twice a month. 

What does a typical “shift” or “workday” with Nurse-1-1 look like? 

I get notified of a patient asking a question and then I accept the inquiry. Questions can range from medication information, cost, side effects or others. 

What have you done with the extra time/flexibility you’ve experienced via working with Nurse-1-1? Any new hobbies etc.? 

Working virtually with Nurse-1-1 allows for a much more flexible schedule, which is important to me as I have two and five-year-old boys. I’m now able to spend more time with them. 

What’s the most positive experience you’ve had working with Nurse-1-1? 

Feeling like I am making a difference in patients’ lives.

What’s the most common question you get from patients? 

I get asked for information about cost assistance for important medications.

What advice do you have for new nurses working with Nurse-1-1? 

Never be afraid to ask questions – it’s okay not to have a perfect answer for everything. Don’t take risks on patients if you aren’t sure. 

What do you think is the future of nursing? How does Nurse-1-1 play a role in this? 

Virtual care seems like the way to go. I hope to see Nurse-1-1 get involved in a larger capacity.

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