Not Your Average Live Chat: How Nurse-1-1’s Unique HIPAA-Compliant Live Chat Increases Security and Patient Trust

A HIPAA-compliant live chat is essential for your digital health or pharma website. Live chat is a great way to engage patients when they’re already browsing your website – i.e. when they’re already thinking about their health options. 

In a digital health setting, you can’t afford to take risks when it comes to security. Live chat communication contains highly sensitive information such as a patient’s personal health information and personally identifiable information. 

While some live chat solutions claim to be HIPAA-compliant (or can be configured as such), not all solutions are equal.

At Nurse-1-1, protecting patients is our number one priority. Nurse-1-1 offers a fully HIPAA-compliant nurse live chat widget, which includes end-to-end encryption to ensure all personal health information (PHI) is secure as it gets transferred from one endpoint to another. The widget is easily embedded into digital health websites, and our clients don’t have to configure any settings on their own to achieve this added layer of assurance and security.

When patients trust that their information is secure, they’ll be more engaged in the patient journey – increasing conversion for your site.

What is a HIPAA-Compliant Live Chat?

What does being HIPAA-compliant mean? 

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was implemented to ensure that personal and sensitive patient data remains protected. For software to be HIPAA-compliant, it needs security features and processes to ensure information shared between healthcare professionals and patients remains confidential.  

A HIPAA-compliant live chat is a platform that allows patients to instantly connect with healthcare professionals for guidance while maintaining the privacy of their PHI. Digital health and online pharma websites using Nurse-1-1 don’t have to worry about patient data security because our widget is engineered with HIPAA compliance in mind.

Nurse-1-1 Goes Above and Beyond with HIPAA Compliance

Our nurses understand the importance and value of being HIPAA-compliant. They take an oath to commit to confidentiality and continue ongoing HIPAA and security training in order to keep up with the ever-changing healthcare landscape. 

Additionally, Nurse-1-1’s widget is built to comply with all applicable standards and implementation specifications of the HIPAA Security Rule, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Encryption – All PHI data is encrypted in transit, end-to-end and at rest using AES 256 CBC encryption.
  • Minimum Necessary Access – Access to nurse chats is limited only to healthcare professionals who have been given proper authorization and undergone training, and the Nurse-1-1 Security Team.
  • System Access Tracking – All access authorizations and changes of access are tracked and retained.
  • Risk Management – We proactively perform risk assessments to assure changes to our infrastructure do not expose new risks to PHI. Risk mitigation is done before changes are pushed to production.
  • Workforce Training – Although limited workforce members have access to the PHI of our Users, all Nurse-1-1 workforce members receive initial and ongoing HIPAA and security training.
  • Live Chat Interaction Auditing – Nurse-1-1 conducts regular medical audits of our live chat interactions; nurses receive feedback in an anonymous manner so they can improve interactions with patients as they strive to create an environment of trust.

The Importance of Nurse-1-1’s HIPAA-Compliant Live Chat for Digital Health and Online Pharma Platforms

Live chat has a higher satisfaction level at 73% than any other customer service channel. By incorporating human touch points into the digital health experience, patients are able to more easily move through the digital health journey on your site. 

We’re used to live chat in areas like customer service. Trust and security are even more essential for healthcare live chats, and HIPAA compliance combined with the power of nurse support and guidance are the best tools at your disposal.

With a HIPAA-compliant live chat, patients seeking answers can speak directly, instantaneously, and securely with healthcare professionals. When dealing with health concerns, patients are in a very vulnerable state. A HIPAA-compliant live chat like Nurse-1-1 lets patients know their personal health information is secure – increasing trust and conversion in your website.

Integrating Nurse-1-1’s HIPAA-Compliant Live Chat Widget

So, how do you incorporate a HIPAA-compliant live chat into your website? Look no further than Nurse-1-1’s live chat widget.

Our HIPAA-compliant nurse chat tool has improved patient adherence by 57% for digital health and pharma websites. Through Nurse-1-1, your patients can connect instantaneously (within 8 seconds on average) with Nurse-1-1’s nationwide network of nearly 3,000 NPs, RNs, and PAs.

The Nurse-1-1 live chat widget provides patients with a convenient and secure way to get the helpful assurance and answers they need to seek out the right healthcare options within your network.

With Nurse-1-1, you’ll automatically ensure that patients’ information is protected – unlike other live chat tools that aren’t built for healthcare or require advanced configuration – and provide access to a nationwide network of nursing professionals. 

Nurse-1-1’s network of nurses and advanced practice providers are able to proactively engage and influence patients to make the right health decisions and properly utilize digital health offerings throughout their healthcare journey on your site. The Nurse-1-1 widget stays with the patient while they browse the web and navigate from page to page to ensure they have help along the way. 

Trust and security embedded directly into your site – that’s the benefit of Nurse-1-1.

After implementing Nurse-1-1, companies have seen a 57% increase in patient adherence.  

If you are looking to engage, empower, and convert patients along your healthcare journey, it’s time to get started with Nurse-1-1.

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