Introducing the New Era of Healthcare Technology with the Nurse-1-1 Live Nurse Chat Widget

New Nurse-1-1 Technology Increases Patient Adherence by Nearly 60 Percent

BOSTON, JULY 20, 2022Nurse-1-1, the first conversational marketing company for healthcare, today announced the availability of the Nurse-1-1 widget for immediate access to a trusted nurse through live chat. As the first HIPAA-compliant platform for digital conversations between nurses and patients, Nurse-1-1 allows at-home testing, pharmaceutical, and digital health companies of all sizes to easily embed the Nurse-1-1 live chat directly onto their website and at any point in their patient journey. 

Studies have shown that both medication and testing adherence significantly increases with access to a provider who can answer questions and alleviate concerns. With this new, easily implemented technology, Nurse-1-1 fills the gaps between patient research and clinical care, improving adherence and patient outcomes. 

Early adoption has shown a 57% increase in patient adherence after implementing the Nurse-1-1 widget, indicating that the adoption of conversational marketing within the digital healthcare journey significantly impacts medication and testing adherence. With the Nurse–1-1 live nurse chat, patients instantly receive the information they need to make the best healthcare decisions while they’re already proactively looking for help within their digital health or online pharma solution.

“Since launching Nurse-1-1, our mission has been to increase the accessibility of healthcare,” said Michael Sheeley, co-founder and CEO of Nurse-1-1. “We are truly bringing nurses to the front lines of digital health, with companies embedding our live nurse chat with just a few clicks. Now, patients will have immediate access to a trusted nurse, helping to improve patient engagement and drive increased adherence.”

Embedding the HIPAA-compliant live chat widget into any digital health experience allows Nurse-1-1’s network of nurses and advanced practice providers to proactively engage and influence patients to make the right health decisions and properly utilize digital health offerings throughout their healthcare journey. Similar to an in-person visit, the Nurse-1-1 widget stays with the patient while they browse the web and navigate from page to page to ensure they have help along the way. Alongside the live widget technology, the Nurse-1-1 data analytics platform helps to derive insights to better grasp patient concerns, identify their needs, and improve adherence.

Through a nationwide network of nearly 3,000 NPs, RNs, PAs, and MDs and a complete customer service platform, Nurse-1-1 educates patients and drives adherence at all patient touch points within the digital health and pharma markets. In 2021, Nurse-1-1 had over 10,000 patient consultations through its partnerships with digital health, at-home testing, and pharma companies, and on average, a patient was connected to a nurse in less than eight seconds. 

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Nurse-1-1 is a conversational marketing company for healthcare that is bringing nurses to the front lines of digital health. Through a nationwide network of nurses and a HIPAA-compliant complete customer service platform, Nurse-1-1 offers a live nurse chat tool that can be embedded directly into other digital platforms, which helps patients make better decisions leading to increased adherence. At-home testing, pharmaceutical, and digital health companies of all sizes rely on Nurse-1-1 to improve education, increase adherence and increase patient satisfaction. Drive greater adherence at

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