Webinar: Bringing Nurses to the Front Lines of Digital Health

What’s the most trusted profession? 

Some may say lawyers. Others may say doctors. 

Close, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise that nurses are the most trusted profession, according to a Gallup poll

And not just this year or last year. For the last 20 years running. 

Nurses are truly the backbone of our healthcare system. We strive to recognize and celebrate them every day, but especially during the month of May, and even more so on Nurses Day, celebrated each May 12th. 

Celebrating Nurses Day

In honor of Nurses Day, our CEO Michael Sheeley sat down with Rebecca Love, nurse innovator and the newest member of the Nurse-1-1 board of directors, for the very first Nurse-1-1 Fireside Chat, The Future of Digital Health

Rebecca truly embodies what it means to be at the top of the list of the most trusted professionals. She is not only a healthcare professional, but is also constantly striving to make nurses’ lives easier through innovation. 

She designed and built the first nurse innovation program in the United States at Northeastern University, which led her to found the Society of Nurse Scientists, Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Leaders (SONSIEL), a 501C-3 non-profit where she serves as president. As a nurse leader, Rebecca was the first nurse featured on Ted.com and on the inaugural nursing panel at SXSW. She has also co-authored two books and is passionate about empowering nurses to be at the forefront of healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship.

During the conversation, Rebecca revealed that it was her mother that pushed her to become a nurse. Her mother saw firsthand the need for strong nurses to lead the profession into the twenty-first century, and knew Rebecca would be up for the challenge. 

How Nurses Are Helping to Modernize Healthcare 

While COVID-19 accelerated the digitalization of healthcare, patients are still in need of that personal touch. The empathy provided by nurses is what influences a patient to take an action. Digital offerings are great, but digital alone won’t drive a patient to fill their medication or take the test they need to understand their health. 

Nurses are the common denominator for much of our healthcare system. They can be the ones to lead us into the digital future, without losing the trust, empathy, and guidance that are at the heart of the nursing profession. And as we are in the midst of the nursing shortage, the combination of both trust and technology is where we will see success. 

Technology can enable unpreceded access to trusted nurses to improve patient outcomes. This type of access to nurses shouldn’t just be for people privileged enough to live in neighborhoods with world-class providers. Everyone should have world-class access to care. 

What’s the first step in creating this type of access? 

Listen to our fireside chat, The Future of Digital Health to learn what digital health companies can do to increase access to care and improve patient adherence and outcomes. 

During the conversation, Michael and Rebecca provide blueprints for success for digital health companies navigating our current healthcare landscape, including improving access to care, elevating patient engagement through a personal touch, and the latest advancements in healthcare delivery. 

Thank You, Nurses

“Nurse-1-1 is doing something that is going to finally give access to potentially millions of patients who did not have access to care before. The nurse practitioners who you have on your platform—their commitment to driving that access and creating quality, true experiences with their patients is what inspires me the most and also I think is going to be one of the greatest examples of a new model in healthcare that we haven’t seen before.”  – Rebecca Love

Our mission is to make healthcare more compassionate and accessible by bringing nurses to the front lines of digital health. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our trusted community of nursing professionals

Thanks to you, we can provide access to medical care exactly when patients need it. Patients need the empathy and expertise of a nurse to help answer their questions about side effects, affordability, and more.

To our nursing community, we say thank you. Today and every day.