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The Nurse-1-1 Health Center is a blog written by nurses, for you. We cover important health information that every person should know, and write it in a straight and honest way. You know that feeling you get when you talk to a nurse about your loved one? We aim to provide that same level of understanding here. Stop scaring yourself by searching online for answers to your health concerns—turn to Nurse-1-1 to get your questions answered.

The nice weather is here and we are all trying to get outside. Bike riding is a common activity for
Summertime fun is here! Everyone is outside playing and hanging out and ready for a refreshing dip in the pool,
It’s summertime and the sun is blazing.  Let’s talk about how to protect your skin from the summer sun.  According
Nurse-1-1 was founded to increase access to affordable and compassionate healthcare for everyone. Significant racial health disparities exist in our
Article Disclaimer  This article is aimed at giving you and your family some helpful tidbits on how to stay mentally
How often have you been startled awake at night by your partner snoring away? Have you ever shook your partner,
Coronavirus testing– the science
Ever been tested for the flu? If you have, you may have noticed there are two different types of tests:
I’m sure by now you’ve probably heard the words “coronavirus” and “testing” in the same sentence. Yet, for most people,
Kangaroo Mother Care Awareness Day is celebrated every May 15th, and with good reason. It's a natural method of post-birth
If you have been listening to the news or reading articles online lately, you may have heard some reports that