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  • Back to school options in 2020

    Back to school options in 2020

    We normally would be looking for the best sale on new backpacks and getting school clothing ready for the fall semester. But here we are waiting for information on what is going…

  • Beat the heat: avoid heat stroke and heat-related illnesses

    Beat the heat: avoid heat stroke and heat-related illnesses

    Summer is in full effect and getting outside for some sun feels oh so good. Summertime is full of fun, but let’s make it safe! Besides lathering up for sun protection and…

  • Bike safety and signs of head injury

    Bike safety and signs of head injury

    The nice weather is here and we are all trying to get outside. Bike riding is a common activity for all ages. You should never ride a bike without a helmet. People…

  • Water safety and drowning prevention

    Summertime fun is here! Everyone is outside playing and hanging out and ready for a refreshing dip in the pool, pond, or ocean. Let’s make sure everyone is prepared for how to…

  • Summertime and sun safety

    It’s summertime and the sun is blazing.  Let’s talk about how to protect your skin from the summer sun.  According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 1 in 5 adults in the…

  • Understanding racial health disparities in America

    Nurse-1-1 was founded to increase access to affordable and compassionate healthcare for everyone. Significant racial health disparities exist in our country, particularly for the Black population, and our goal is to decrease…

  • Anxiety During COVID-19

    Article Disclaimer  This article is aimed at giving you and your family some helpful tidbits on how to stay mentally and physically fit during this pandemic. This is just helpful information. This…

  • Snoring and sleep apnea: what you need to know

    How often have you been startled awake at night by your partner snoring away? Have you ever shook your partner, gave them a little kick to stop the snoring or a nudge…

  • The science behind coronavirus testing

    The science behind coronavirus testing

    Ever been tested for the flu? If you have, you may have noticed there are two different types of tests: the quick one that comes back with an answer within minutes, and…

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