Frequently Asked Questions – Providers


What is Nurse-1-1?

Nurse-1-1 is an innovative and affordable way to reach patients early in their illness journey, using your organization’s existing infrastructure. Thanks to our teams background in consumer products and our extensive product testing, we’ve uncovered the keys to getting patients comfortable with telemedicine and we’ve built these pearls into the Nurse-1-1 product. Whether your organization is striving to prevent improper emergency utilization, reduce unnecessary healthcare costs by improving system throughput, or improve patient engagement, Nurse-1-1 can help you meet your goals. Do you know where your patients are searching for health information right now? If you are unsure of the answer to that question, then your organization stands to benefit from Nurse-1-1. The last thing we all want is for patients to be searching on google for answers to their health questions, thereby becoming anxious about worst-case scenarios. Instead, have them engage with trusted nurses in a novel way, without the barriers of current telecomm and telemedicine solutions.

Why would I offer Nurse-1-1 to my patients?

If you provide triage for your patients already, you know that it can help engage new and existing patients with the right information to make better decisions about their health. Providing the most appropriate next steps to your patients - home care, next day follow-up, urgent care, or ED referral - is critical to a well run triage line. Nurse-1-1 is no different. Offering Nurse-1-1 as a chat based alternative to the phone call triage line will provide patients with a modern form of nurse triage that they will actually use and enjoy.

Is Nurse-1-1 more affordable than a traditional nurse triage phone service?

Yes. Chat based triage improves operational efficiency, leading to cost savings over traditional phone-based triage.

  • Nurse-1-1 is conducted securely and uses HIPAA Compliant end-to-end encryption on nurses iPhones, empowering nurses to chat with patients at their leisure and in more convenient locations.
  • Nurses are able to quickly answer more patient chat requests since they no longer have to listen to patients’ voicemails, spend time calling patients back, or be stuck playing phone tag. Conducting multiple patient chats at the same time is easy and allows for increased efficiency and throughput.
  • Avoid the costs of a triage secretary as Nurse-1-1’s platform alleviates the need for the use of an answering service prior to the nurse encounter.
  • Updating a patient's charts is easier to do when the chat is available to review after the patient chat (securely and encrypted) in text form in the Nurse-1-1 health expert app.

What is Nurse-1-1 smart routing?

Nurse-1-1 has a smart routing algorithm that will match patients with the best nurse for their health concerns.  The smart routing system will connect patients based on their existing provider, location, age, gender, health concerns, nurse availability, and other factors. Each time a patient and nurse complete a chat on Nurse-1-1, provided feedback on satisfaction scores are then use to improve the smart routing algorithm. This constant feedback mechanism helps make the smart routing on Nurse-1-1 better over time for the entire Nurse-1-1 community. 

Is Nurse-1-1 a flat rate?

Yes. Unlike typical nurse triage call services, Nurse-1-1 is a flat monthly rate. Most nurse triage services charge a monthly or annual rate as well as a charge of about $15-$20 per patient call. These costs add up. By offering Nurse-1-1 as a chat based alternative to your triage service, patients will choose Nurse-1-1 over calling your existing triage lines and thus instantly reduce your existing $20 per call charge.

Can Nurse-1-1 connect my patients with our own staff?

Yes. RNs, NPs, and PAs at partnering providers can sign up with Nurse-1-1 at and join your practice's team from their Health Expert dashboard. Once our Nurse-1-1 medical team authorizes each member of your team, patients of your practice will be routed to your own staff.  

How are my practice's patients routed to our staff? 

Nurse-1-1 will provide your practice its own customized landing page for your patients.  Any patient who signs up via your provided landing page will be routed to your staff at the beginning of each chat request. 

Will our practice's staff have to answer chat requests from patients outside our practice as well?

No. Receiving new patient leads and other chats requests from people who are not current patients of your practice can be disabled.

Our practice is also interested in new patients. How can Nurse-1-1 help us gain the interest of new patients?

Nurse-1-1 can route potentially new patients from your local community to your staff. Nurse-1-1 can guide local patients away from anxiety-provoking google searches and back to expert health advice, leading to potential new clients who are local and searching for proper care. During chats with potentially new patients, your staff can:

  • Set appointments for new patients
  • Grow relationships within your practice's community
  • Build trust within your community
  • Provide valuable health information