Frequently Asked Questions – Users

What is Nurse-1-1

How do I chat with a nurse?

Go to or download our iPhone app on iTunes and sign up.  Once signed up, click the "Start a New Chat" button at the bottom of the screen. Once you answer a few questions about your health concern, Nurse-1-1 will connect you with the best nurse to chat with about your concern.

Please see the Nurse-1-1 Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more information. If you have any questions please contact us at

Is Nurse-1-1 free?

Nurse-1-1 is free to you, the user, when they are connected to their own providers office (your doctor's office for example). If your provider is a partner with Nurse-1-1, you'll be able to chat with a nurse through your provider at no charge.

If you provider is not available, Nurse-1-1 is still free if we are able to connect you with a local nurse who is at a nearby partnering clinic such as a local urgent care clinic.

If your location is away from any of our partnering clinics, Nurse-1-1 is $12.50 per chat. That's less than the price of a copay. Plus, this fee ensures Nurse-1-1's nurses receive payment for the personal time they take to answer your health concern and empowers them to act as health experts to the entire Nurse-1-1 community.

What is Nurse-1-1 smart routing?

Nurse-1-1 has a smart routing algorithm that will match patients with the best nurse for their health concerns.  The smart routing system will connect patients based on their existing provider, location, age, gender, health concerns, nurse availability, and other factors. Each time a patient and nurse complete a chat on Nurse-1-1, provided feedback on satisfaction scores are then use to improve the smart routing algorithm. This constant feedback mechanism helps make the smart routing on Nurse-1-1 better over time for the entire Nurse-1-1 community. 

Why are nurses called “Health Experts” on Nurse-1-1?

You may have noticed that nurses on Nurse-1-1 are referred to as “Health Experts”. We do this because we also have physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses on Nurse-1-1 and we wanted to have one name that described the role clearly to users. For instance, physician assistants are not nurses, but are able to answer many of the health questions that a nurse can provide. Also, the role of the Health Expert on Nurse-1-1 does not include diagnosis, testing, prescribing or physical exams. The scope of practice that Nurse (RN),  Nurse Practitioner (NP), or Physician Assistant (PA) performs every day in a typical "office" setting is much different than what you will experience in a Nurse-1-1 chat. Nurse-1-1's Health Experts will not act as your provider - they will not be diagnosing, prescribing, testing, or examining - instead their main job is to support you and help provide information about your health questions as a friend or family member with health expertise might. Nurse-1-1's Health Experts must have a current RN, NP, or PA license in the US and they all undergo a thorough vetting process prior to participating in any health chats.

How long will I be able to chat with a nurse?

The duration of your chat will be up to the nurse. We ask our nurses to make sure they have 8 to 10 minutes available to chat before answering a request from you. The chats can last longer or shorter but we leave that up to the nurse to decide. 

I signed up for Nurse-1-1 through my provider, will I always be connected with a nurse at my provider's office?

Yes. Nurse-1-1 will route you to an available nurse at your provider's office. If a nurse at your providers office is not available we will provide you with the option to chat with a community nurse from the Nurse-1-1 network of health experts. Chatting with a nurse that who isn't affiliated with your provider is always up to you, the user.

Will the nurse I chat with give me information on what to do next?

Yes. At the conclusion of each chat, the nurse will provide you information that can help you decide what to do next. Typically, these concluding remarks will be a suggestion of one of the following:

    1. Go to an emergency department or call 911 for help
    2. Call or go to a local urgent care clinic if you feel this problem is not life threatening or risking disability
    3. If you feel this isn’t an emergency, talk to your provider about our chat as our chat is not a replacement for medical advice or treatment
    4. A provided list of local urgent care centers near you that you can call if you feel it is appropriate. 
    5. A link to a digital healthcare provider that may be able to help with your health concerns

These suggestions are not a diagnosis or be mistaken as a recommendation from your provider. These suggestions also don't rule out other options that you should do for your healthcare needs. The suggestions are only ideas and you should talk to your provider about your chat and these suggestions as our chat is not a replacement for medical advice or treatment.

Will I be able to review and give feedback on my experience?

Yes.  At the conclusion of each chat, you will be given a chance to rate your chat on a 1 to 5 star rating. There will also be an option text box to provide any further feedback you had on the experience. This information will be used to help Nurse-1-1 better match you with health experts in the future as well as allow Nurse-1-1 to provide a better experience for you in the future.