Our Secret Sauce: The Nurse-1-1 Brand Values

At Nurse-1-1, we aspire to make healthcare more compassionate and accessible by bringing nurses to the front lines of digital health.

We’re proud to have some of the best and brightest at our helm, including our co-founders Michael Sheeley and Kim Liner, NP. And we’re always on the hunt for new talent to join our growing team, too!

People are at the core of what we do. From our nurse network to the companies and patients we support, we are in the business of bringing empathy back to healthcare.

Our Brand Values

We are pioneering conversational marketing for healthcare by building both compassion and empathy into digital health. 

Our values inspire us to be better each and every day. They are the driving force behind each new product update, marketing campaign, and new hire that walk through our doors. 

Shared Value. 

We believe in access to trusted health information for all, and align our business success with the positive social impact we create. We are driven by a desire and urgency to improve the patient experience, holistically, ultimately to improve the health of people across our world.

Nurse Leadership. 

Nurses are the most actively engaged and trusted in direct patient care and positioned to provide leadership in all healthcare areas. We admire their integrity, courage, initiative, and ability to handle stress, and believe that tapping into their leadership potential within a digital setting will significantly improve the patient care experience. 

We currently have more than 2,000 nurses and advanced practice providers in our network. Join our growing network here


In line with our mission, we prioritize personal wellbeing—mental, behavioral, and physical. Work should not come at the expense of your health and happiness. A balanced lifestyle is essential for health, and overwork leads to burnout.


We aim to create an environment where everyone feels respected, safe, and valued, so we can all thrive. We actively seek out diversity in backgrounds, ideas, and personalities, as well as encourage healthy debate and differences in opinion.

Our team’s diverse background spans both the medical (Boston Children’s Hospital) and tech (Uber, Runkeeper, and more) worlds, positioning us to build groundbreaking clinical solutions for our clients.

Empathy Driving Influence.

Empathy is at the core of what we do. While empathy and influence may be separate values for some, they are intrinsically correlated within our approach. 

We are always first and foremost empathetic to the issues of patients. Our trusted nurses work independently to understand the root cause, so that they can make the best recommendation to influence positive outcomes for patients. 


We do the right thing. Always. From our leadership team to each of the nurses within our network, integrity is at the heart of our business. 

Come Join the Nurse-1-1 Team!

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When you join Nurse-1-1, you contribute in a big way to changing lives with conversational, nurse-powered care. 

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