Launch of Nurse-1-1’s Follow-up & Engagement services

This week we launched our new follow-up and engagement services on Nurse-1-1. We are always listening to patients to find ways to help them make better decisions. This is why we built this new follow-up and engagement service. 


Immediately after a chat is completed, we email the patient with nearby clinics that they can choose from. We see that oftentimes, patients do not instantly make a decision about where to seek medical care during a chat with a nurse. Instead, they can now make a decision later with all the relevant details. This email contains nearby clinic options that fit patient needs, so they have it available when they do decide to go in.  

Patients also receive a follow-up email a few days after chatting with a nurse. A University of Pennsylvania Medicine study showed that over half of the people who used Google search in the week leading up to an emergency room visit searched specifically about their main health concern that brought them there. Our experience confirms this finding. Patients take time to make decisions about their healthcare needs – even the urgent ones. This is why we continue supporting patients after each interaction with a nurse by following up and offering continued engagement and support. 

We check in with patients after their chat to ensure they saw their primary care provider or help them find a nearby provider in instances when they still need care. This is often better than the alternative of returning to Google or WebMD to try finding answers days later when they aren’t feeling better. 

No insurance? No problem, we can help. We’ve built Nurse-1-1 to support patients through their acute issue, helping them properly engage with the healthcare system in a way that’s best for them. This is the real power of Nurse-1-1’s engagement and follow-up abilities. 

Engagement & Local Brand Awareness

Patients using Nurse-1-1 are an engaged audience seeking information from the most trusted profession, nurses. These patients are turning to nurses, whom they trust. By associating an urgent care or primary care provider’s brand with these chats, patients naturally turn to these clinics as a trusted source for care as well. Thanks to partnerships with these urgent care and PCP locations, local and regional patients can access Nurse-1-1 chats for free. We believe this is such a crucial service that we want patients to know which partnerships are behind it! 

That is why, on Nurse-1-1, when patients chat with nurses they will now see the brands of the participating clinics and other local healthcare options as they make critical healthcare decisions. This is the perfect way for healthcare organizations to gain awareness and trust with local communities they care about. 

As we continue to learn more about how patients make healthcare decisions, we’ll be adding more services and revising our current offerings. Stay tuned!