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This morning I got an alert from Google that Nurse-1-1 was mentioned in the news. This one was different than the other alerts I usually get if Nurse-1-1 is in the news. It wasn’t an article I knew about ahead of time, and it wasn’t from a tech publication. It was from “The Link”, a small publication that targets students at Concordia University. The article, titled Sex Ed(itorial): Is My Birth Control Ruining My Life?, focuses on women’s health and references Nurse-1-1 as an expert source of health information. This is big news for anyone focused on population health.

From a population health standpoint, reaching influencers in communities is key. The CDC is always engaging PR firms to help them reach local influencers who can help educate a community about vaccinations, flu prevention, outbreaks of preventable illnesses and other health information that they need help educating communities about. The goal of this article is to reach women on a college campus.

It is no wonder to us that Nurse-1-1 is used to help spread the word on campus. In a recent study by Nurse-1-1’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Igor Shumskiy, he found that people are 5 times more likely to discuss their sexual health concerns on Nurse-1-1 than even with their own doctor’s office advice line. This morning’s article from The Link goes one step further. Not only are nurses on Nurse-1-1 influencing patients, they are helping publications spread important health information to their targeted communities. 

We are now looking at ways to expand this use of Nurse-1-1 for other organizations focused on population health. As any well functioning startup does, once you see something working, and working well, you need to look for ways to scale. We are mission driven here at Nurse-1-1. Enabling nurse influencers to educate their local communities about important healthcare topics makes us happy. This outcome is just one of many ways Nurse-1-1’s network of over 500 Nurse Practitioners across all 50 states can positively impact the health and wellness of Americans. Nurse-1-1 eliminates the uncertainty of the internet search and puts an expert nurse in your living room.

– Michael Sheeley, Co-founder/CEO Nurse-1-1

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