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Here at Nurse-1-1, we recognize we are uniquely positioned to support the public health response to the COVID-19 outbreak. That’s
Nurse-1-1 proactively engages with a diverse population of patients with a variety of questions and concerns. Over the past few
This holiday season, we may buy gifts for others, we may wish to spend time with those we love, we
Author: Nurse-1-1 Medical Team Hey, have you heard? Americans trust Nurses to improve the U.S. healthcare system over every other
This morning I got an alert from Google that Nurse-1-1 was mentioned in the news. This one was different than
So your patient’s name is Samantha and goes by Sam. They “appear” male but are here for vaginal discharge. There
Author: Igor Shumskiy, MD Why are patients 5 times more likely to discuss their sexual and gender-related health concerns on
Overview Choosing a virtual care solution is a critical decision for health plans. While there are many options out there,
This week we launched our new follow-up and engagement services on Nurse-1-1. We are always listening to patients to find
Overview Healthcare companies from providers to payers are quickly figuring out that having the right mix of virtual care and